You Found Me Worthy

Close beside me, you lay, adrift in dreams,

Your visage serene, faint smile does reveal,

Tranquility befitting, love empowered,

            To worship our union, shall be no appeal.

You arose like the sun, gift from the stars,

            Soft glowing ember conquering my darkness,

Igniting my passion sorely feared too idle,

            Soon ablaze, very being aflame, life now a wholeness.

What sovereignty of feeling, did assail my soul

             That one such as you would deem me fitting

To share your world, to know your love,

            Eternal blessing, my heart forever binding.

Dance not Satan’s Dirge

Hear my children, words to warn,

Let not your spirits enjoin more harm.

Set free your love, your hopes, and dreams,

Dance not Satan’s Dirge

Be kind to all, allow them grace,

Regard your fate, lest you be in their place.

Know your heart, from which love streams,

Dance not Satan’s Dirge.

When faced with challenge, options oft many,

Resist temptations let your mind be greedy.

Pay heed to reason, obey reality’s commands,

Dance not Satan’s Dirge

Your essence distinctive, our blessing is you,

Reach out to the morrow, your goal now to learn new.

Accept your power, your future demands,

Dance not Satan’s Dirge.

Dance not Satan’s Dirge

Let your hatred all purge,

For no yesterday must not be tomorrow,

Today, mourn not the loss of sorrow.

Beauty of You

Forgive me my love, for I be but mere mortal,

            Flawed in my being, unskilled in many graces. 

 The joys of my life how acutely banal,

For no Adonis am I to turn myriad faces.

Yet still, you chose me, accepted my hand,

            Promised commitment, to honor as one,

You remain by my side, my strength to expand.

            Our union ever sealed accessible by none.

A fool might soon ask, how can this be,

            A wise man might say, only love will ever know.

For deep in ourselves, well-hidden that none may see,         

Lay reserves of true emotions not meant just for show.

Once lost, blind to all meaning, thoughts immune to sin,     

Naked, my spirit now secured by your devotion

You opened your heart, drew me deep within,

            You touched me, your love now my talisman.

Creation of Love

Life, once raging storm of mortal senses,

            Becalmed not by forlorn heart,

Did beset this seeker thru forest of sorrows,

Ever yearning for harmony to sate love’s long needing.

Twas on starless night, unheralded by envoys of heaven,

            Did your essence, my life’s new path to soon chart.

Midst ebony sky, from eastern realms, did emerge twin spheres glowing,

            Symbols of new vision. I beheld my fate, true love before me awaiting.

Your visage vibrance of form, in unity with perfection,

            Did capture my soul, all lamentations to thwart,

As our spirits bond, our lives to interweave,

My solitude, once a prison swiftly abating.

To one long denied, old emotions now return,

            Relearning love’s commitments, new feelings to impart.

My senses overloading, my mind in glorious disarray,

             The wonder of your love, for at last my heart is healing.

Manner of Love

Poets speak the language of love

Choruses oft sing its song.

Authors write verses of its lore

Whilst angels proclaim it to the throng.

Love, like Janus the ancient,

Doth assume diverse form and faces,

It knows no barriers twixt man nor, beast

Has not limit for gender nor races

Love, a conception, desire its cradle,

To bond kindred spirits bereft of all fears,

For some but a word, a tool for their want,

To others, a cloth to wipe away old tears.

What word hath more power when spoken in truth?

Speak from your heart, in voice ever clear.

For gifted to all, understood by so few

That the manner of love may be preserved ever dear.


Where can I go?

What can I do?

Where is my haven I cried?

Who stands by me?

Will my spirit be free?

Why ever once denied?

How long the pain?

When will stop heartache’s reign?

My yearning to never defeat?

Where tomorrow may end?

Will torment amend?

What loves long-lasting will I meet?

But knowledge the tool,

Seldom used by the fool,

Will ever protect the wise.

With love’s power replete,

The challenge to meet,

Our future together will rise.


At winter’s end, comes awakening call,

Arise, arise, friends and all.

Tis time to stir, to shake out mist,

Your faces blurred from season’s kiss.

Reach out your arms, to grasp the light,

Your bodies to strengthen, renew their might.

Let hands present, your fingers splay,

Stand tall, in splendor to salute the day.

Your arrival conceived, rebirth in mind,

First of season, your status defined.

With grace and poise, aligned at will

Emerge to us, treasured Daffodil.


That sound you hear,

Assailing left ear,

Strong; it’s power compelling.

Be it spirit voice,

Or mindset choice,

Answers already indwelling.

For your struggle within,

Borne of chagrin,

Control the fixated issue.

Do not to deny,

Nor cast evil eye,

The fear begins with you.

To love without chains,

It only remains

To face the demon inside

Accept that your foe,

Is one that you know,

Stop controlling; learn to abide.

Knowledge Belongs to We

Youth may not Narcissus be,

Nor elderly own Solomon’s ken,

Ideas once forbidden fruit,

Egos may never bend.

When sought in need,

Misfortune often cause,

Must want of years for evermore,

Give advantage call for pause?

Does time endured warrant right,

To defeat untested opponent,

Could knowledge new,

Sound argument be component?

Scales of Justice, decisions to make

Choice belabors the mind,

Is discord bred by lack of skill,

Or patience left behind?

Let none who seek wisdom to gain,

Deny the facts at hand,

For knowledge is gifted to one and all,

Throughout the ages spanned.