Creation of Love

Life, once raging storm of mortal senses,

            Becalmed not by forlorn heart,

Did beset this seeker thru forest of sorrows,

Ever yearning for harmony to sate love’s long needing.

Twas on starless night, unheralded by envoys of heaven,

            Did your essence, my life’s new path to soon chart.

Midst ebony sky, from eastern realms, did emerge twin spheres glowing,

            Symbols of new vision. I beheld my fate, true love before me awaiting.

Your visage vibrance of form, in unity with perfection,

            Did capture my soul, all lamentations to thwart,

As our spirits bond, our lives to interweave,

My solitude, once a prison swiftly abating.

To one long denied, old emotions now return,

            Relearning love’s commitments, new feelings to impart.

My senses overloading, my mind in glorious disarray,

             The wonder of your love, for at last my heart is healing.

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