Beauty of You

Forgive me my love, for I be but mere mortal,

            Flawed in my being, unskilled in many graces. 

 The joys of my life how acutely banal,

For no Adonis am I to turn myriad faces.

Yet still, you chose me, accepted my hand,

            Promised commitment, to honor as one,

You remain by my side, my strength to expand.

            Our union ever sealed accessible by none.

A fool might soon ask, how can this be,

            A wise man might say, only love will ever know.

For deep in ourselves, well-hidden that none may see,         

Lay reserves of true emotions not meant just for show.

Once lost, blind to all meaning, thoughts immune to sin,     

Naked, my spirit now secured by your devotion

You opened your heart, drew me deep within,

            You touched me, your love now my talisman.

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