Love is Here

Love, LOVE I shout from highest peak,

Forthright truth be what I seek.

For humble creature though I may be,

Love’s longing is no stranger to me.

To feel warmth of someone’s smile,

True blessing felt do senses beguile.

Upon light breeze, so gently borne.

The scent of you, foul stench suborn

Touch of a hand, so gentle to qualm,

Fears of denial, rejection to calm.

Your lips soothing upon my cheek,

My limbs forsake, my fears now meek.

Within my arms, you place your faith,

Overcome all doubt, cast out vile wraith.

Love, LOVE I cry, in voice so clear,

Love at last, has drawn me near.

The Man That Is Deke

He took a stand, defying old pain,

Facing vile assailant, his honor to gain.

Though small in stature, a contemporary David,

He stood his ground, ill fate he cheated.

With strength of will, forgetting the past,

Determination his armor, that this be the last.

He beset his Goliath, not with sling or stones,

But with cunning and speed, did offend with knee bones.

With cry of delight, his missiles well placed,

Once evil intentions were rapidly outpaced.

Laying fears aside, with help of dear friend,

Process began, bringing evil to its end.

Exposing his accoster, those to end sport.

Brought ease to memory, and joy to the court.

No One Asked Why

No One Asked Why

Throughout my life of times and trials,

          I met all challenges on my own.

Faced shame and abuse all sans love,

          My pain and sorrow suffered alone.

Would that I, complex being that I am,

          Deserve more defense did I once implore!

Yet naysayers once thought loving kin,

          Denied my tears my pain did ignore.

I grew to a man, oft suffering pains of child,

          My spirit a jungle, desperate to survive.

With strength of will, and quill in hand,

          I commenced to confront those who did contrive.

In wanton denial, condemnation was rampant,

          “You lie to invent, your stories ill-written.”

“You deserve your pain, don’t blame those now gone!”

          Came calls from unknowing, truth no burden.

In abandoned confusion, no basis in fact,

          Their voices did raise in profound accusation.

Their disputes emotional, reasoning all lost,

          Principal goal my eternal damnation.

Throughout the turmoil, midst lies and deceit,

          Not one defender stood, the deluge to deny,

No voice did I hear, in argument of reason,

          Raging in pain, “No one asked why!”

Were I to Declare

Were I to declare undying love for you

            Would you eagerly respond in kind?

If I should say, I need your love,

            Will you readily promise it mine?

Did angel kiss caress your heart;

Attack to soften hardened spirit?

What once was wall impenetrable barrier,

            For love, you threw down the gauntlet.

 To challenge emotions, your very soul to conquer,

            You chose love first, exposing defective armor.

You threw open gates, unsealed myriad doors,

            Your essence unleashed, passion now emancipator.

Abide now this day, your freedom attained,

            False spirits fell before you, caustic chains now broken.

From this time forth, let love be your manna,

            Your affections now gift, never scant token.

Dedicated to Deke

Love You

Beside me, lost in a world I may not enter, you sleep.

Your countenance tranquil, gentle the face dearest to me.

What wonders to amaze, do your dreams reveal, in languor so deep?

Will you remember, will you share, provide me the key?

As I lay here, loving you is so easy, a blessing in my time.

Had I once thought my heart to capture, a love so pure as yours?

Would that I, once lost soul, be granted the treasure of making you mine?

            If this be my dream, may I never wake to write memoirs.