The Storm

Hear, o’ my heart, night’s calm soon to shatter,

Is rhythmic throb warning, for one who’s path did falter?

Will resonance of thunder soon ensue,

To destroy harmony once known with you?

Could I, wretched creature though I be,

Truly fathom your desire for one such me?

Your rage of tears, on storm filled eve,

No rain for crops, yet flooded fields I perceive.

Will frozen spirit, ice tears create,

To fall like daggers, on this ingrate?

Bring wrath upon soul now broken,

Winds of fury be not false token.

How I long for loving kiss,

Which I, however, faulted, do greatly miss.

That blaze of light, to illume my world.

Be blessed once more, your tears impearled.

Whence calm be known, our hearts to rest,

Swathed in love, our spirits caressed,

That on the morrow, with rising sun,

Once again our souls united as one.

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