Father Sky

Father Sky, why do you send storms each spring?

“Am I not one with the Earth Mother my child? I send the storms to aid her in preparing for new life to emerge.”

Father Sky, are you angry when you fill your realm with rumbling and loud noises?

    “No my child, for does not the wise man warn his children of coming peril?

Father Sky, why do you make the clouds so dark and heavy before the storm?

“The clouds are heavy laden with the water all living things require.”

Father Sky, why do you shoot your flaming arrows into the Earth Mother?

    “My arrows help to make the elements needed by all living things.”

Father Sky, why do you make storm winds so fiercely blow?

“I charge the winds with a great responsibility. They are to blow dead leave, dust, weak and dead branches and old nests from the trees that new life might prevail.”

Father Sky, why do you make ice stones that fall hard upon the forest?

    “I send the ice stones to test the strength and endurance of all living things.

Father Sky, why do you make it rain so hard?

    “Like you my child, all living things need to be cleansed of the soils that cover.”

Father Sky, why do you send so much rain that it floods the land?

“Do you not rinse yourself before you leave your bath? Do you not wish for that which once soiled you to be removed from your feet?”

Father Sky, you are a very wise and caring father.

    “You, my child are very wise and caring to seek knowledge and wisdom.”