There emerged a man called Trump,

Who was born with a powerful thump

To play the game like a true Mugwump.


As he stood on oak stump

While he said, “Hi, I’m Trump.”

“It’s time to get out of your slump!”


“Now don’t think me a chump,

Or rhino’s big rump,

Simply because I grump!”


“For they’ve paid off the ump,

The referee fails to jump

And rules now lay in the dump.”


“Don’t sit like a lump,

On rotting old bump,

Play your card for I’m your Trump.”

We Are America

There came a man from Manhattan,

Who decided to toss his hat in.


Neither timid nor humble,

He chose to rumble,

against bastions built on lies.


No gold does he need,

Nor egos to feed,

He stands tall with common allies.


For the people do tire,

Of those who conspire,

Unwilling to accept their defeat.


Silent throng now arise,

Anger fierce in their eyes

Vengeance will be bittersweet.


For the man from Manhattan,

Who kept his hat in,

And promises to reunite.