Americans All!


Please help me, my friend,

Have we come to an end?

Has reason deserted our land?


Many fight for the right,

Guaranteed by our laws,

Then deny it to others out of hand.


Please join me, my friend,

Our rights to defend,

Battling this vile new disease.


For Americans, are we all,

Unwilling to face downfall,

Our freedom not built on our knees.


Make America Strong Again.

In this age of denial,

Sanity itself is on trial.


Long ruled by deceit,

Moral bonds corrupted by conceit.


Our days pursuing right,

Dark nights in woeful plight.


Age of logic lost,

Defied reason, mortal the cost.


New age soon to begin,

For some cause of chagrin.


But wisdom cries out,

Challenge your doubt.


New bridges to be spanned.

For united we will stand.


Resist all the hate,

Pass thru the new gate.


America will be stronger.

Silence of the Jackals.

August 2016


Mr. Donald Trump

Republican Nominee for the Presidency of the United States of America
Dear Mr. Trump,

I have followed with interest, your rise to challenge the long-standing corrupt political parties currently in power here in America. I believe in you. I believe in your ability to take a broken country and mend it. I believe in your ability to macro-manage a complex system and, more importantly, pare it down. I believe you have the knowledge and skills to turn our economy around, rebuild our defense capabilities and return our nation to its rightful place in the world.

I also believe you are being foolish in seeing every verbal assault by the left as a challenge to your integrity. Does the wise man win by feeding the jackals?

You have been fortunate in life. You were given opportunities and challenges along with stability and love. You have won, and you have lost, but you have always come out ahead for the experience. You have shared your knowledge with your family and thousands of others in the hopes of improving their lives. I feel you have been successful.

It is time for you to share your knowledge with a nation in heavy laden by corruption, anarchy, and terrorism.

It is time for you to silence the jackals with your most powerful weapon – do not feed the jackals. Do not feed them with words, destroy them with silence!

Do not tell me what the jackals did, explain to me, the poor voter who is trying to survive on Social Security that is being given away to illegal immigrants, what will you do to help me?

Do not cater to the jackals who claim you incompetent, prove to me that you are competent to lead me, protect me and make my life better.

Do not foolishly follow the jackal’s parade of the wealthy who proclaim allegiance to a fraud. Show us those who will join you in your triumphal march to the rebuilding of America – let us know the strength of your legions, the real Americans ready to do battle against the corrupt.

Silence the jackals with your wisdom and leadership skills.


Papa Nyk

Maybe It’s Time.

If America is not in a crisis mode now, maybe it’s time it was!

Have we forgotten who, and what we are?

Maybe it’s time we remember these words:

“We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

Have we lost our resolve and direction?

I ask every American these questions:

  1. How did someone like Obama get elected into our White House?
  2. If the president purposely goes against our Constitution effectively breaking our primary laws, shouldn’t he/she be immediately impeached?
  3. If we do not believe in royalty, why do we allow a president to use unlimited “Executive Orders” to force his/her agenda?
  4. Why do we only thoroughly investigate politicians after we have elected them? Would it not serve us better to investigate before the elections? We must demand that anyone running for public office provide proof positive of their identity, citizenship and qualifications before they will be allowed to take an oath of office.
  5. If we are a Constitutional Republic, why do we have royalty in the form of Senators and Congressmen/women such as Reid, Pelosi, Boehner and others who are catered to? This type of corruption must not be tolerated.
  6. If we have term limits for our president, shouldn’t we have the same for our representatives? Senators are elected for terms of six years and Congressmen/women for two year terms – both are unlimited. Is there no value in the opinions and wisdom of younger people who wish to serve?
  7. Is serving our country as a Senator or Congressman/woman a privilege worth a lifetime annual salary of $ 174,000? That’s what we pay each and every one of them in lifetime salary alone.
  8. Our country was based on a principle of freedom of religion. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” (The Bill of Right). In essence, this clause establishes freedom of religion, but does not directly address separation of church. What it does identify is that we each have the right to worship, or not in our own manner – translation = there will be no state religion. This is a fact many religious zealots seem to ignore. Shouldn’t we have a well-defined clause stating a separation of church and state?
  9. The law. America has always been a country open to assimilation with a willingness to adjust, and adapt to other cultures provided there was mutual understanding, and acceptance. This seems to have become an alien concept in recent years with the influx of Muslim immigrants and refugees. My question is this: Are we, as Americans willing to accept alien laws, such as Sharia which are in direct contradiction to ours? If we are not willing to do so, should we mandate state and federal legislation to prevent the sanctioning of such laws?
  10. Although there are thousands more questions I would like to ask, I’ll make this my last. What happened to America – how did we get to this point?

    Despite what you may think, there is a simple answer to this last question – because!

    Maybe it is time we stepped back from the headlines and pundits to see the reality of our situation. We needed a huge jolt of reality to wake us up to the fact that we have become complacent in our trust of our governmental representatives. The wheel of our country has come 180 degrees – it’s time to turn back to what we once believed in, and trusted. We must identify, own and correct our mistakes. We must stop the insanity and tyranny attempting to overtake our culture.

    We must STAND UP, SPEAK UP AND ACT UP if necessary to turn America back to the country our brave, and noble warriors fought, and died for.