Resurrection of Deke

Dawn, dreams to remember,

Perchance pain to forget?

Hearts may soar with desire,

Torment continues yet.

Epoch now past,

What was is no longer.

Your soul defiled,

Fashioned you stronger.

Nightmares endured,

In life and slumber,

Created a spirit,

With voice of thunder.

Arise sweet man,

Face new dawning,

Cast off yesterday,

Love now spawning.

The Maelstrom is you,

A challenge to tomorrow,

Wisdom your sword,

Defeating all sorrow.

So, stand to the fore

With weapons of devotion,

Prepared to defeat,

Destructive emotion.

Walk, your head high,

Romancing the clouds,

Enemies now memories,

Encased in rough shrouds.

No Sin Was Mine.

Tranquility reigns as the night air of spring descends,

I sit, alone, immersed in the bouquet of the woodlands.

My thoughts, unladden with harbinger of danger,

In serene contemplation, only melodies of night denizens to abide.


Moon’s reflection, a golden path across still waters of the lake,

As if to bid me come hither, walk gilded lane, no sorrow awaits.

Silhouette of lonely loon traverses, his mournful calls unheeded,

I listen, no substance, forlorn, only emptiness beside.


My companions only night creatures, diligent in their quest,

Do they wonder at strange creature in their midst?

Wisps of white clouds, wraithlike schooners race the night,

What reward their goal, silver cup to win?


As I watch wonders abounding, sorrow memory became,

Serenity, like mist from the lake, surrounds me.

My hunger, once thirst for ending,

Now appeased, I did not sin.

I Love Being Your Friend

I am your friend, I have no regret,

To stand by your side, you may always expect.

When your smile turns down,

From glimmer to frown,

And life becomes affliction.

Know in your heart,

We will never part,

Friendship is my addiction.

Though trials may stress,

Your life seem a mess,

Step back, your blessings to count.

For there in the corner,

Clad in love’s armor,

Remains one your defense to mount.

No Tears for Tomorrow

Alone I trudge unbeaten path,

Head bowed low, fraught with sorrow.

As I wander, lost in time,

I’ll cry my tears tomorrow.

Each new day, I face the sun,

Longing for an answer.

Was I right, was I wrong,

Eating me like a cancer,

Imperfect thoughts on troubled sea,

Reasons beyond my reach.

Cavernous desire, the need to learn,

That which life had failed to teach.

Sad memories alone do linger,

Gratification but mere dust.

But I will go on, to do my best,

To learn of love and trust.

At days end, I will face my fears,

Erase my sorrows,

I’ll stand tall, shouting out to all,

I’ll cry no tears for my tomorrows.

Cost of a Tear

Today a tear came to my eye,

Just one little tear, my want to cry.

It glittered like crystal as it grew in form,

A raindrop of emotion in a lifetime of storm.

What cost a tear,

Was price too dear?

Today a tear came to my eye,

A single reminder of things gone by.

Abundance of love, I once knew,

Shared of myself with only so few.

What cost a tear,

If liberate the self from what I did fear?

Today a tear came to my eye,

A memory I’ll keep until I die.

It spoke of a future built on the past,

A monument of tolerance – designed to last.

With bricks of forgiveness, and mortar of love,

It will soar to the heavens highest above.

All for the cost of a tear.  

Sins of the Child


Today my heart wept

Pierced by a vision

My conscience impaled

I grieved in silence

Blue eyes cried in fear

Tears no shield to pain

Child’s face alone

Amid mass transience.

Hollow voices stilled

What sin did commit

Facades downcast

No cries from the throng.

As scimitar fell

Past knowing smile

Released from doubt

He knew them wrong.

No sin this child

Nor fault he own

Pain is gone

His pew a throne.

  • Dedicated to an unnamed, fourteen-year-old Christian boy murdered by ISIS.

I made my shadow weep.

I made my shadow weep,

Cast tears upon the ground.

Specter once so strong,

Did earth attempt to drown.

I heard the phantom keen,

Its voice no power held.

Apparition now defeated

Reticence not dispelled.

The wraith within did struggle,

Fleeting pain enjoin.

Shade of time long past,

My heart did it purloin.

Now does essence linger,

Awaiting imminent fate.

My spirit faced by choices,

Heaven or Hell, which gate?

I made my shadow weep,

On darkest nights it cried.

I made my shadow weep,

Only to myself had I lied.