Sunday Musings

Haven’t had either the motivation or the actual time to write much this week. Spent a lot of time working on my ideas for a new and unique type of children’s books. However, the need for money is always predominant.

My thoughts for today are this: 

What are we, the voters of the world, allowing our governments to do to us? Have all of our elected officials sold out to ultra-Socialist agendas? 

I cannot speak for any country other than my own, nor would I if I could. However, I can speak to what I see happening here in the US, and it scares me to the point of wanting to stay armed just to go to the grocery store. 

I know, that sounded a bit radical but it seems that we are being subjected to attacks on our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms every day of the week. 

For me, true freedom is the voice of the voter not of the candidate.  But we have entered a era when the voice of the voters can only be heard in the ballots cast. People are actually afraid of physical harm if they share their opinions in public. 

Debate, open and free of fear is the only true way to understand our differences; to accept one another as we truly are and to work out those differences in need of change. 

Name calling, false accusations and even physical threats are not debating, they are immature acts of bullies. Yes, I’m guilty of name calling at times, but I do my research first so that the accusation I may present is valid and verifiable. If I’m wrong, I expect to be corrected and I do apologize like an adult should. Unfortunately for us, our government representatives don’t seem to accept, let alone follow the same philosophy. 

Facts all Americans must remember:

  1. Our government was designed and mandated to serve the people; everyone receiving a government paycheck is an employee of every American.
  2.  Any questions, please see #1.

My Question for Today

Like many loyal Americans, I have been following the confirmation process for Judge Kavanaugh’s appointment the Supreme Court of the United States of America. WOW, that has to be an experience for anyone; imagine being nominated for the highest court in America. I think I’d be so nervous I’d be wetting my pants, but Judge Kavanaugh has been about as laid back and cool as I’ve ever seen. 

I watched most of the confirmation hearings in the Senate Judiciary and was again amazed by the blatant display of amateur children’s ravings coming from the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee. My god, it was like a pack of rabid, starving hyenas going after a large, bull elephant (no pun intended) who was calmly awaiting their next move. 

This started me thinking about the concept of Judiciary Committee. As is my habit, I began to research words to compare with actions, thus I grabbed my trusty Cambridge English Dictionary and looked up the word “judiciary.” 

The definition of judiciary is, and I quote: “the part of a country’s government that is responsible for its legal system, including all the judges in the country’s courts: a member of the judiciary.” 

My next question was, how many members sit on the Judiciary Committee, that answer was easy. I found that as of this date, there are 21 members, 10 of which are democrat and 11 are Republicans. But what I couldn’t find, was the number of lawyers v non-lawyers on the committee. I found that the Chairman, Senator Grasseley, and the ranking member, Senator Feinstein are while Senators Booker and Harris are. I supposed I could have looked up the profiles on each Senator, but to what end. What I really wanted to know is do these 21 members know what the hell they’re doing? 

Call me old and senile, but I should think that anyone with more than one viable brain cell should know that being on a committee with so much power requires a person be judicious? 

Back to my trusty Dictionary where I read, Judicious means: “having or showing good judgment in making decisions.” OMG, now I have a real problem understanding what happened in the hearing. Do any of the 10 Democrats even know what the word judicious means, let alone act like it? 

I have never, in my entire 75+ years on this earth seen such a display of immature childishness as I did in watching the Democrats at the confirmation hearing. They were disgusting and disgraceful showing no respect for our legal system let alone our entire government.

I say this even after Justice Ginsburg publicly chastised them, the Democrats, following the lead of Senator Feinstein, attacked again using an unverified, anonymous letter claiming Judge Kavanaugh may be guilty of some form of sexual harassment or assault. 

Now think about this carefully: The ranking member of the Senator Judiciary Committee receives an anonymous letter in July 2018 from an unnamed source accusing the nominee of a crime but refusing to be identified. The Senator sits on the letter through the entire vetting and confirmation processes for Judge Kavanaugh and doesn’t bring it forward until the 11th hour when she hands it over to the FBI to investigate (reportedly the FBI declined to investigate due to lack of cause). 

Please, will someone, tell me, what kind of a game are our Senators trying to play in our Judiciary Committee? How can they even wear the mantle of “Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee” when they aren’t even judicious in their activities? 

Primary question: Have we failed as Americans by allowing our government to get so far out of control as they think they can define their authorities in their own terms?